Kilgore Systems, Inc.

Kilgore Systems Inc. Recent Projects

 01/20/2009 – 05/01/2009  Completed ECM Project for Citi Auto Financial (CitiGroup) in Irving, Texas. The scope of the project was to add functionalities to receive electronic messages in xml format containing both data and images from an external partner and process this within CITI internal systems.  As the Lead iSeries Engineer my responsibility was several fold. First to write RPGILE user exit programs to perform DB2 and IBM Content Manager V5R3 updates on the iSeries. Next I integrated the user exit programs into the workflow using the IBM Workflow builder tool. Designed the workflow for the various Auto Groups within Citi Auto Financial. Worked with Citi Staff and Offshore consultants in accomplishing system requirements.

10/02/2007 – 12/28/2008        Completed a Paperless Applicant System. I worked for the Heritage Company in Sherwood, Arkansas.  I was to come up with the project plan and then develop a browser based application utilizing IBM websphere on an IBM System i5 (aka iSeries or AS/400). The objective of the project was to discontinue the paper forms and instead have a browser based application system where the job applicant can initially enter in their job history  interactively in the web browser irregardless of location. The Heritage Company has many satellite offices throughout Arkansas. All other forms and documentation was to also be paperless. Tax forms were to be filled out automatically as well. In addition, a signature pad device was to be used for signing of the application and tax forms. The company is a telemarketing company and has over 1700 employees with a lot of turnover in the sales department.  Once I completed a project plan I began installing Websphere 6.1 on the i5 and then installed Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries on a Microsoft Vista machine.  Upon completion of the development environment I began architecting the web site using the WDSC for iSeries development tool generally known as just Websphere. The type of web development is known as JSP (Java Server Pages) and JSF (Java Server Faces). This type of development allows for the use of the IBM i5 DB2 data base within a web environment. I also trained the users on how to use the system. The project was complete in November 2008..


1/2007 – 9/21/2007     Completed a Document Archiving Project. I was employed by another consulting firm, GDH Consulting of Little Rock.  I worked at  Affiliated Foods Southwest  in Little Rock , which is one of the largest  wholesale food cooperatives in the Southwestern United States.  The company purchased a distribution software package,  Retalix  that required them to migrate from a Mainframe to an IBM System i5 Model 520. My project was to determine how to “integrate” their existing ECM system Mobius View Direct with all of the reports coming from the new software package, customize many of the reports with overlays, and provide a distribution solution as well.  I had never used Mobius View Direct before and much of the software that I was to use, such as Robot/Reports, Schedule, and PDF Transform .  No one else in the company had used the software either so I was on my own in that regard. The View Direct Repository was processed and stored on a Microsoft Server but needed to be integrated with the i5. In other words, all reports coming off of the i5 needed to be transferred to the network through some means as well as distributed throughout the company at the same time. My job was to determine how to do this. I used HelpSystems Robot/Reports which they already had for the distribution of the reports and files.  I was also charged with setting up over 100 reports in the document repository of View Direct. The system went live early in September 2007.